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Periferica Competition


Italy / 2017

The topic of the competition is a 10sqm temporary food pod, where to cook and sell street local food.

The small booth is a self-built pavilion to be placed in the quarry of Mazzara del Vallo (Sicily), and is part of the urban renovation project “Periferica”. The required features for the structure were mainly there: being easily movable, detachable and economically sustainable.

The project:

A great part of Sicilian charm is due to the deeply rooted local identity and cultural traditions, which change and developed slightly differently in the territory.

“Me and You” is the answer to the need of integrating mere technical functions coexisting in a food-point with the main characters of the local tradition, without distort the perception of the place.

The hexagonal plan comes from the six activities which take place in a food booth (preparing, washing, cooking, storing, selling, distributing) and, at the same time, is a shape that, as we know from studying nature, allows easily aggregation and building clusters. Therefore, there are two versions of the food-point: “Me”, which consists in a single module; “Me and You”, which are several modules joined together.

Furthermore, the materials chosen for the cladding are local and have been selected for their technical properties, but used in an uncommon way: cork, timber, straw.

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