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House C

Milano / 2020
photo: Davide Gallizio
collaborators: Valentina Magni

This tiny (63 sqm), two-storey flat is nestled in a recently built block. It is located within one of the most rapidly changing neighborhoods of Milan, between Martesana canal and Lambro park.

The young couple bought the flat dreaming of a fresh and cozy home, yet with clear functional requirements: entrance closet, studio area, space for their books, huge and functional kitchen, hidden tv space, dining area expandable when needed, laundry room, two bedrooms, two bathrooms.. and a storage.

Fitting these functions in such small premises was a genuine challenge that required playing with conventional use of space and delivering a number of bespoke furniture items. Tiny, custom-made [libraries/closets] were conceptualized as stand-alone architectural volumes, to be functional and define space at the same time.

As a result, the living room at the lower level looks like a unique space evolving and changing as we move in: the bookshelf is morphed into the kitchen, which is separated from the sofa area by a movable tv cabinet; the bench amid the tv cabinet and the table, designed as a part of the kitchen top, is on wheels too. Moving the whole furniture of the living area allows them to play with space with the opportunity to freely host friends and family in a large dining space when

Upstairs, the two bedrooms have minimalist colours and furniture, and all the cabinets and wardrobes have been designed as part of the space itself.
In the two bathrooms every niche and wall is used to maximise the storage spaces; finally, the fully fitted terrace enlarges the indoor area becoming a proper extra room and hosting a storage and a small laundry.

The timber staircase is a fundamental element of the project. It is conceived as "a plastic and pure geometric sculpture" lit by a narrow cut carved out in the master bedroom wall, invisible from downstairs: the effect is a light and infinite slope plane whose end can only be imagined. On a day-by-day, however, it can be also used as a desk and the space underneath the lower steps is turned into a small closet for extra space.

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