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What architectures for sustainable cities?

Turku - Finland


What does sustainability means for a city? Does it just consist of energy consumption?

The first step of the project CO.SPACES is to rethink the idea of sustainability by starting from changing the way people live their neighbourhoods. The aim is to build a low-rise and dense residential area in Turku suburbs with a distinct human scale, common spaces, good connections to the city centre and a strong sense of community. This can be achieved by providing new functions, integrating and interpreting traditional forms and uses in which local culture can identify itself. The key point for a sustainable city is to create a synergy of connections which reduce the consumption of energy at all levels (materials, water, food, transportation) and which allows people to achieve a sense of belonging and develop a desire of living, using and taking care of a new space.


Team: Francesca Diano / Giuliana Picca Garino

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